Please ban

Have you been hit with a ban hammer and want to know why? Think some body needs to be hit? Post your questions here. Being respectful will go a long way.
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Please ban

Post by Meatball »

NachoieTaco" STEAM_0:0:60339936

Taco continuously was spraying a picture of a downs syndrome kid with what he thought was a humorous saying underneath. I asked him repeatedly and quite civilly, not do that in our server as I found it offensive. I told him that I have a downs nephew and a downs niece , which I do , and was ignored other than he kept asking if I liked his spray. I would appreciate an admin at least look into this for me. Thanks.

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Re: Please ban

Post by Brutus »

What was the saying?

We usually only ban racist or bigoted sprays. Nude ones after an admin has warned and kicked.

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