got banned

Have you been hit with a ban hammer and want to know why? Think some body needs to be hit? Post your questions here. Being respectful will go a long way.
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got banned

Post by kamikazi »

I would like to be able to play in your server but my ban was for 336 days

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Re: got banned

Post by Toledostoner »

Been Real Cocky latley in the server, numerous people would agree. And whilst you know our Rules you sprayed a porn spray last night, and was hesitant to change it at first after i asked, but then when you did change it you changed it to a spray that said I Dont Give a F***! And you repeatedly said/read it over the mic. You know the Rules and Continued walk the Fine line, I think a Cool off period is warranted.

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grandma death
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Re: got banned

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I could not agree more.

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