Mononcle Dragon

Have you been hit with a ban hammer and want to know why? Think some body needs to be hit? Post your questions here. Being respectful will go a long way.
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Mononcle Dragon

Post by Meatball »

Well Mono finally wore me down enough to ban him for a week - should be more. I ,and I am sure all of the Admins, get multiple complaints every day about him. At some point that thorn in your side has festered enough that it has to be pulled.

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Re: Mononcle Dragon

Post by SquiddlyDiddly »

Was he just banned for the constant complaints of being blocked etc. or did he actually do something in particular?

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Re: Mononcle Dragon

Post by Mnstang »

I usually just mute him because he is so annoying, he can't help himself

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Re: Mononcle Dragon

Post by Blackflag »

I noticed too that he will find any new player to our server or one he does not know and use them as an excuse for being blocked "constantly".... Occasionally he gets them irate as well and then it turns into a sh*t show. After a while it turns into white noise and I don't even notice. But yeah... the ban was warranted for sure especially when we ask him to stop again and again. He's our little problem child. :lol:

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